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Hospitals and Businesses Alert for Classified Ad Scheme

Classified ads may be placed in newspapers across the U.S. claiming to be  from a hospital or business. 

The ad may claim that the hospital or business has jobs available.  When the consumer calls a number or emails a message in response to the ad, the person who placed the ad will ask the consumer for a fee to be sent by Western Union  or by some other payment service.  In return, consumers are told that they will get information on how to apply for the job.   Other schemes may be used to get the consumer, who responds to a classified ad,  to send money. 

What's the economic impact of your hospital? Does it matter?

An economic impact statement describes the value of a hospital (or any organization) to the community.  It tells, in part,  the story of how wages and benefits the hospital pays its employees - as well as money it pays to vendors for services and products -- gets translated into purchases by employees and vendors,when they buy gasoline, groceries, homes, and other products and services from shops and stores in the larger community.  Those shops and stores make purchases, pay taxes, and hire employees.  This helps the economy of the community.